Aamir Khan New Way To Promote Dangal

Aamir Khan New Promotional Way For Dangal

The Master Is All Set For the Promotion of Dangal

Amir Khan is not just Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood. He has good marketing strategies as well. If we talk about the promotion of Ghajini where he became the barber for the promotion of PK he went in some function with the different look.

As we all know every time he does something different for his movie and this time we have seen his perception in the selection of Girls for this movie. He has rejected 21000 girls. It is beyond the imagination auditioning 21000 girls.

Now It is time to promote his upcoming movie Dangal. For the promotion of Dangal Amir is inviting to his relatives and friend to watch his movie at his house. After watching the movie he is asking them to give their opinion on his movie. All the friend and relative have watched the movies are sharing their experience and opinion on Dangal in public. When people asked about the movie is how different from Sultan. Everyone says this movie is completely different than Sultan.

Amir Khan Movie Dangal is releasing on Christmas this year 2016. Well, it is just the beginning of his promotion. Still, there are two moths in its releasing let’s see what kind of new techniques Amir Khan is going to use for this movie.

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