Anna Hazare Movie Review ! Arvind Kejriwal Is Ignored In The Biopic Of Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare Movie Review

This week in cinemas we can see the biopic of social activist ANNA HAZARE. It is the directorial movie of Shashank Udapurkar. Now the movie is released in today on 14 October 2016 in cinemas. Here is the report on Anna Hazare movie review

Many lovers of Anna Hazare were waiting for this movie from the long time. We all know Anna Hazare is the one of the most respectful person in our county. The posters and the trailer have created the buzz already in the audience.  Surainder Jain is the producer of the movie.

In last article about Anna Hazare I mentioned the cast and crew of this movie. Shashank Udapurkar is the director and he is playing the character of Kisan Baburao Anna Hazare. It tells the story of common man who left everything for the nation.

This is a 141 minutes movie. Director has plotted everything very beautifully. He has showed the complete journey of Anna Hazare from a Soldier to Farmer and Farmer to Social Activist. You must be missing the character of Arvind Kejriwal’s character. However you can find to Kiran Bedi in some part of the movie. It looks Shashank has ignored to Kejriwal  in his movie completely. But as it is the story of Anna therefore the director had focused more on Anna Hazare. Udapurkar has showed all the activities specially 2011 movement INDIA AGAINST CURROPTION.

Star Cast:

Actors     : Shahank Udapurkar , Tanisha Mukharjee, Govind Namdeo, Shart Saxena and Ranjit Kapur

Director  : Shashank Udapurkar

Music      : Ravinder Jain

Audience Review.

The audience is appreciating this movie very much and appreciating the acting style of actor director Shahank Udapurkar. They have two reasons to see this movie.

1 To know more about the Anna Hazare.

2 Personal love and respect for this man.

The morning shows has registered the occupancy of 40 to 50 percent.

Feed Back

Weather you go for the entertainment or to see the life story of Kisaan Baburao Anna Hazare. This movie is full to PAISA WASOOL movie. You may watch this movie. I rate to this movie 3 Stars out of 5 Stars.

Well this was this report of the Anna Hazare Movie Review please share your comment below in the comment section.


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