Befikre Movie Review,It Is A Best Example How You Can Copy A Story From Hollywood

Befikre Movie Review Best Example To Copy A Movie Story From Hollywood

Befikre movie review. Today on 9th of December we can watch the latest movie of Yash Raj Banner starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor.The movie is released in more than 1000 plus screens. It is basically a fun loving movie and written and directed by Aditya Chopra. If you are the fan of Hollywood then you can feel the glimpses of “Love Me If You Dare” and “Friends With Benefits”. It looks the movie story has been copied from these movies.

Well, Befikre is a romantic of Yash Raj as we always see. It is the story of Delhi boy Dharam who goes to Paris for the work and he met with NRI girl Shyra. Shyra is an open minded girl who born in France. It is basically a new generation love what we all can see now a day. With the title “Befikre” of this movie we can understand how the story will go. Dharam and Shyra met in Paris they both fell in an unconditional love. They promise they will not put and condition in their relation.

The movie is very nice you can enjoy the location and cinematography of Befikre. Ranveer and Vaani they are good in this movie. One thing can make this movie boring that is Kissing. Yes, we all can see and understand everybody love romance. But not this much they have crossed the limit in Befikre. As Ranveer said on the Kapil Sharma Show that it was a routine for him Kissing Vaani in Befikre.

Public Befikre Movie Review

The young generation loves this movie in the first show we saw the gathering of 30 percent and that will increase. As the country is running in the face of Demonetization but the audience has come up in the theaters to watch this movie. This can be a good sign for the Yash Raj camp.

Befikre movie Casting

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor are in the lead role. Aditya Chopra has written and directed this movie and Bollywood most promising musician Vishal and Shekhar have given the music.

This is the Befikre review. You can share your views as well please write below about your experience.

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