How Would Bollywood Look Without Pakistani Artists

Bollywood Look without Pakistani Artists

Weather it is wrong or right to ban Pakistani Artist in Bollywood. But after the objection on Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena (MNS) all the Pakistani actors are now back in their country. The Pakistani actors are punished just because of bunch of patches of their county. As in Bollywood Maira Khan and Fawad Khan have become the most important part our industry but still they are also kicked out from here.

In Bollywood we have Singers Actors Dancer and few other parts and in all part we can see the Pakistani Artist.

There is no doubt in India we have unlimited talented artist.

We Can Imagine How Bollywood Look without Pakistani Artists

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:  We love art and artist gets more respect because of its talent. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has given his melodies voice in numerous movies of Bollywood. His songs are always in the list of chart buster’s song of Bollywood. He is one of the most heard singers in India.

Atif Aslam : Although he has not given most songs in Bollywood. But he is not less popular than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in India.

Fawad Khan: We will miss him not just because of his personality but we will miss him for his character of Kapoor & Sons. His character got more appreciation in the film than other actors of this movie.

Ali Fazal : When we talk about the Pakistani Actors than how can we forget to Ali Fazal and his character of Tere Bin Laden The Pakistani news reporter and his comedy timings.

Maira Khan: She got famous from the channel of Zindagi. She came from TV and now has been very popular actress of Bollywood.

This was the small report on what we will miss if Pakistani actors leave India.

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