Bollywood With Bollywood News On 9th November’2017

Bollywood With  Bollywood News On 9th November’2017

Bollywood News on 9th November’2017

Celebrity Vs Fan:-

Bollywood With Bollywood News On 9th November'2017

Varun Dhawan con his fans…

What? the celebrity files a case against his fan. Yes, it’s true that the youngest popular actor Varun Dhawan files a suit against his one of them of his fans list. Because of compulsion on him through the harassment and allegedly message on whats up. The fan woman whom constantly gave him a message on Whats up and commit suicide.

Varun Dhawan has written a complaint and submit to the Santan Cruz police and BKC cyber police on 2nd November against that woman(unknown fan)who ostensibly harass him from messages and threaten to him through commit suicide.

According to the Santan Cruz police Officer, “They are trying to trace the number and adequate and possible action will be taken”.

Tiger Zinda hai Facing Monsoon Shoutout:-

Bollywood With Bollywood News On 9th November'2017

Salman Khan with Nawazuddin Siddiqui


After a long period of time, Salman Khan comes back from his master and blaster film Tiger Zinda Hai. His film reserved for coming 22, December, no other film was released on the date. But eventually, Nasazuddin Siddiqui’s film Monsoon shoutout come back with challenge and literally, if we say about its success it’s very difficult. Nasazuddin himself worked on the prominent role in Tiger Zinda Hai. It’s very interesting because of Nasazuddin, who has worked with Salman Khan in various movies like Bajangi Bhaijan, Kick etc. But now he will challenge to his partner Salman Khan on the same date of the movie.  Whatever will be happened its depend on the situation and interest of their fans.

Bollywood News from Bollywood On 8th October 2017

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