Come Back Of SRK on TV with his show ‘TEDtalks’

Come Back Of SRK on TV with his show ‘TEDtalks’

Come Back Of SRK on TV with his show ‘TEDtalks’: 

Now the time is up, SRK comes back from his show ‘TEDtalks’. The Shahrukh Khan’s show should be early released at the time of Diwali in October because of some reasons but now the show now would like to be released in December. But Finally, after a long time his show moving now. Like other Bollywood blockbusters, show their presence and working on to maintain their popularity and status through various types of  TV shows, SRK also now want to working on it. Bollywood Stars who working on their shows like Salman Khan who indulge in his show The Big Boss 11 and another side Akshay Kumar who enjoy his show greatly The Indian Laughter Challenge show which goes No. 1 ranking in the comedy show. Like this stars now its time for Shahrukh Khan to entertain his fans through TV shows.

According to the sources, it will be aired on December 10, every Sunday at 7 pm, Earlier, they were looking at airing it in the same direction that Aamir Khan’show Satyamev Jayate which used to air, but later he decided against to it.

It will be programmed at evening time, but also there are some leys that if the show receives good response from its starting season so it will be making another part of this episode. They would be like to launched only seven episodes to check his quality of work and responses from the public. The concept of this show should be completely new for Indian audience and also they have ideas and innovation on their work to attract the audience with more than other competitors shows.  And By chance the show does not work properly with his efficiency, its difficult to go on with only seven episodes and probably come back with a season 2.

However, it depends on the quality of work and efficiency of SRK’s work, how its popularity works on his show.


Bollywood News From Bollywood On 11th October 2017

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