Dangal Movie Collection Report Of First Second And Third Day

Dangal Movie Collection Report

As Aamir Khan gives a gift to his all fans as a Santa on Christmas so this Christmas has given another gift Dangal. This is one the best movies of Aamir Khan as the country is running with the process of Demonetization instead of that his fans are giving the tremendous response to his movies.  If we talk about the report of Sunday all the theaters in Metro City or in the other part of India all the theaters were full. So the result of that movie has made the collection of 100+ crores in three days. Here is the Dangal movie collection report of first second and third day

Dangal First Day Collection

Now a day’s Dangal is the first choice movie for everyone to watch in India. As All the movie critic and audience appreciating this movie. As we saw a very heavy foot fall in the theater on the first day on releasing Dangal made the collection of 30 Crores on First Day.

Dangal Second Day Collection.

The Movie has performed on weekend according to the expectation and Dangal continued its performance and performed as It was expected from this movie. Movie Dangal made the collection of 34 Crores and took the total to 64 Crores. Which is the highest collection in a day after demonetization in our country.

Dangal Third Day Collection.

It was Sunday and it was a day off for most of the working guys, therefore, the collection chart went high and took the total of Dangal 100+ Crores. According to the report of our experts, most of the theaters were the house full. On Sunday movie made the collection of 43 Crores. The total collection of this movie goes to 107 Crores.

Dangal Movie Review.

Well, It was really difficult to find a person who could give the negative review about this movie. Most of the person was crying while watching this movie even I could not control on me and I cried. The movie is full of emotion It is not as dramatic as Sultan.

We at the end we should say thanks to Aamir Sir for making this kind of movie.

Dangal Movie Review 5 Reasons To Watch Dangal





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