Dangal Movie Review 5 Reasons To Watch Dangal

Dangal Movie Review

This is the Dangal movie review. Dangal how interesting is the name we understand the meaning in the real life Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan has proved once again why he is the best. It is real story based on a legend that set an example on woman empowerment and he is Mr. Mahaveer Phogat. We all have to clap and salute to his guy because he did in the state where we can see the difference between boys and girls in today’s life as well.

There are 5 solid reasons to watch Dangal.

  1. The Best Acting performance of Aamir Khan.
  2. Inspirational Story of Mr. Mahaveer Singh Phogat.
  3. Best inspirational movie in Bollywood.
  4. Learn what is discipline?
  5. Proves how girls are equal to the boys.


Dangal Story

Dangal is the story of the real champion who mold his daughter into steals. Aamir Khan is playing the character of Mahaveer Singh Phogat who was the national champion in wrestling and wanted to win the gold medal for India but unfortunately, he could not do it.

And then he got married and has 4 daughters but he realizes his daughters also can win the gold medal for India. He trains them, one day his daughter Geeta Phogat made his dream come true and win the gold medal in common wealth for India. Geeta is the first Indian wrestler who qualified for the Olympics. At last there is a situation where you have to stand up because of the proud of our nation when Geeta wins the Gold Madel in Common wealth Games 2010.


Along with Aamir Khan, we are going to see Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Sheikh, and Sanya Malhotra. Mukesh Chhabra Casting Agency has done a wonderful casting of the actor for this movie. They auditioned almost 21000 girls for the movie.

The Best part of this movie is how Aamir Khan Performance. He holds the story completely in the movie. According to me, the movie is much more batter than Salman Khan’s movie Sultan.

Aamir Khan New Way To Promote Dangal

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