Death And Birth Anniversary Of Bollywood History On 8th November

Bollywood History On 8th November

Birth Anniversary In Bollywood History On 8th November

Usha Uthup

Legend Usha Uthup was born on 8th November’1947 in Mumbai. She is known for her voice which is different from other even she used her voice for male actors. More information with other celebrity is given below.

8th November’1947. Usha has popular during 1960, 1970 and 1980 for her singing style and voice. She is popular for Indian jazz, pop and playback singing. She belonged to Tamil Brahmin family. From her childhood, she keen to love sing but thrown music class during school time but her teacher identified and given training further. She started her career at age of nine. She firstly sung in Hare Ram Hare Krishna of song Dum Maro Dum along with Asha Bhosle. Uttup is also acted in Malayalam movie Pothan Vava. She judged some reality shows like Indian Idol, Star singer etc.

Bharat Gopi

8th November’1937- Bharat Gopi original name was Gopinathan Velayuthan Nair. He was an Indian film actor, director and producer. He also associated with New Wave Cinema, Kerala. He won many award including National Film Award for his role in Sankarankutty in Kodiyettam.

Tara Reid

8th November’1975- Tara Reid born wykoff, New Jersy, U.S.  She started career through appearance in game show “Child Play” at age of four and worked lot TV shows. She got debut chance in Hollywood in A return of salem’s Lot(1987). She worked in movie like The Big Lebowski, Urban Legend, American Pie, Van Wilder etc. Also house catch in British reality show The Big brother8.

Richard Curtis

8th November’1956- Richard Curtis was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He is British screenwriter, music director, actor and film director. He known primarily for comedy based on romantic films four weddings, Love actually and Nothing Hill. He founded British charity firm Comic Relief along with Lenny Henry.

Jessica Lowndes

8th November’1988- Jessica Lowndes is originally Canadian actress, pop-singer and song writer. She started her career through television in 2007 by Saving Milly. She also very good to play Piano since age of Five. She made her singing debut TV series 90210.

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