First Day collection of MS Dhoni The Untold Story on Box Office the Biopic of Mahender Singh Dhoni

First Day collection of MS Dhoni The Untold Story on Box Office the Biopic of Mahender Singh Dhoni

The Box Office First Day Collection of MS Dhoni The Untold Story

As expected Sushant Singh Rajput Starrer movie has set a record on its first day. The first day collection of MS Dhoni The untold story is 20 Crores. Yes, that is right movie sets a record and break the record of Shahrukh Khan movie’s first-day collection this year. SRK movie Fan registered the first-day collection on Box office of 19.20 Crores . All the multiplexes were more than 50% occupied. The crowd was cheering to see the story of their one of the favorite cricketer.

The number of people says the popularity of our cricketer Mahender Singh Dhoni. As India is a cricket loving country in spite of that we saw Azhar has flopped on Box Office. But the story of Dhoni is going to set a new record on Box office. The Bollywood guru has predicted this movie will earn at 200 Crores and would become one of the most successful movies of Bollywood.

On the other hand, we can see the reaction of all the critics of Bollywood they all are talking in cricketing style. One of the critics said, “ the multiple first-day collections of Dhoni The Untold story hits the collection meter out of the park”. It looks so funny but sounds interesting.

Normally Hindi movies do not make good numbers in north part of India. But there were a huge number of crowd in cinemas in Chennai. It shows the fame of Dhoni. The movie is getting lots of love and support from every part of India. Some multiplexes have shared the information Saturday and Sundays shows are being booked so quickly some the theater are book almost 70%.

Director Neeraj Panday is very happy with the performance of this movie. M S Dhoni the Untold story has proved the power booster for Sushant Singh career. This movie will take him at another level in Industry.

For the success of this movie the cricketer Mahender Singh Dhoni and other cast and crew of this movie has worked really hard. Dhoni promoted this movie himself as he is one of the producers of this movie. Movie maker is accepting movie will make good numbers of Box Office.

Well, this the report of the first-day collection of M S Dhoni The Untold Story.

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