Do You Know Top 10 Unknown Facts Of Sholay Starring Amitabh And Dharmendra

Top 10 Unknown Facts Of Sholay

When we start talking about Sholay, it is remembering about Dialogue, Script, Songs and many more things. No one can forget Jai and Veeru Jodi, the chemistry between Basanti and Dhanno even great pair of script writers Javed-Saleem. Many more interesting facts which gossip while watching or discussion about “Sholay”. Here we share the top 10 unknown facts Of Sholay.

List Of Top 10 Unknown Facts Of Sholay

  1. Sholay always starts the discussion with its long star cast Amitabh Bachchan(Jai), Jaya Bhaduri(Radha), Dharmendra(Veeru), Hema Malini(Basanti), Sanjeev Kumar(Thakur Baldev Singh), Amjad(Gabbar).
  2. Initially, it was released on 15th August’1973 but again launched on 2nd October’1973 with some changes in the climax. When before censored the film Gabbar Singh was killed by Thakur but on demand of censor board it was changed where handed over Gabbar Singh to Police.
  3. Before started to shoot Sholay, the character was not actually decided, Shatrughan Sinha was the first choice of Jai, Pran for Thakur, Danny Danzogpa was for Gabbar but all things were changed and film start with new star cast and new line-up.
  4. As sources said Javed never preferred Amjad as Gabbar because of his low voice and inexperienced about Hindi Cinema.
  5. At Minerva theater in Mumbai, Sholay ran 5years without any interruption and record were broken by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge.
  6. “Yeh Dosti” song has taken 21days to shoot between Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra.
  7. 3d version of Sholay was again released on 3rd January’2014 and it was released first time in Pakistan on 17th April’2015.
  8. A scene where Amitabh approaching Basanti’s Mausi for the proposal of marriage about Veeru and Basanti was actually based on the real incident of life.In the past, the same scenario happened in the life of Javed-Saleem where Javed approached Saleem mother in law in the same style.
  9. Jaya Bachchan was pregnant during the shooting of Sholay for Shweta delivery and on premiered pregnant with Abhishek son.
  10. It is an over-budgeted movie and overall cost of same was Rs.3crore where in the same time of cinemas was completing in the budget of Rs.70-80 lakh only.

Sholay always will be remembered for great stories behind its making, even BBC India called Film of the Millennium.

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