Parched Actress Walked Out From the Show Of Colors

Parched Actress Walked Out From the Show Of Colors

Tannishtha Chatterjee , who is the actress of Parched and Brett Lee starter movie unindian. She went on the promotion of a very popular show “Comedy Nights Bachao”. She went there to promote her movie Parched. But according to her, she had a very bad experience with them.

The performer of the show called her Kaali Kalooti and she is dark because she used to eat Jamoon. They said her “Mooh Kala Hai”. While roasting her they made the joke on her complexion what made her uncomfortable.

In the beginning, Tannishtha thought they would roast her for her achievements and for her success.  She was very much excited to go on this show Comedy Nights Bachao. However, she was very much disappointed with the host of this show and she left the show just after two segments Parched actress walked out from the show.

Even she suggested her. They should not do this with any actor and not make a comment on the complexion.

The Actress felt very bad there. She expressed her feelings on Social Media and explains about all incident. According to her, she felt rests as well on that show.

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