Prince Of Romance Rishi Kapoor At Diliwalo ki Dilli Delhi (Chandni Chowk)

Prince Of Romance Rishi Kapoor At Diliwalo ki Dilli Delhi (Chandni Chowk)

Prince Of Romance Rishi Kapoor At Diliwalo ki Dilli Delhi (Chandni Chowk)

Like other Blockbusters and famed actors and actress, Rishi kapoor also listed in the Chandni chowk’s star. Because like other famed actors Salman khan(Kick), Emraan Hashmi(jannat 2), Akshay Kumar(Chandni Chowk to china)(Boss), Abhishek Bachchan etc who did numerous films shoots in Delhi-6, receive good response . There a lots of movies  had filmed and got reputed value in front of their fans. After some shootings of films in Old Delhi, its popularity and value has increased and also accept better goodwill in compare to other places of Delhi. According to the sources, we got some news which is really interesting for you. Finally, now its time for Rishi Kapoor who came in Old Delhi for some shots which may be refer to their upcoming movie Rajma Chawal. When he was passing my street there was silence everywhere, all looked at him and surprised to see him.

Rishi kapoor Did you know ?..About his achievements and struggling period.How he became an overnight star and noted as romantic and action hero. Now, i show you some information about him which some people knows about him. From the beginning, he was born on 4 September 1952 at chem bur, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a son of one of the time period star Raj kapoor and he is the star who starting his career in the films industries from his father’s film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ (1970)where he had played the role of child name as ‘Raju’. From which he won the national award at his age 18 only from this movie. He also known as his pet name”Chintoo”.He did so many movies where he had played the role of romantic hero from that he is considered as a ‘prince of romance’ in Bollywood.His last film as a romantic hero in ‘Karobar'(1998). In his career, 20 different actresses worked with him in opposite roles. Both father and son, Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor had done a ‘towel dropping’ act in their debut films, Rishi did it in Bobby (1987)and while his son Ranbir kapoor had did it in  his debut film ‘Sawaariya'(2007). Recently, in January 2017, he published his biography Khullam khulla: Rishi Kapoor Unconcerned.

If we talk about apart of film industry and Bollywood he is also known the Big fan of twitter because he always found as online and appear on the twitter as a reporter. he shares his views and thoughts about anyone and anything which around from him, it does not feel what he got reaction and result from that.

we didn’t want to say something about him more, because if he got angry ,he tweeted on us. :-)…

Shantaram in Google’s doodle today, let’s know about him, who were he?


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