Read How Star Kid And Common Man Kid Become A Star In Bollywood

Story of Star Kid Vs Common Man Kid In Bollywood

Bollywood is the one the dream Industry to work in for everyone in India. But for some guys it is very easy to work there and for some guys it is close to impossible. Although It is fact nothing is impossible in this arena. Now let’s talk about the journey of star kid and common man kid in Bollywood.

We all know Bollywood industry is a dream Industry to work in. But most of the parents of common family never let go their kid into this Industry. Or a talented guy waits for 5 to 10 years to get a break in Bollywood. Why? This is the big question for everyone.

There is just one reason because they rarely see a guy working in this industry form out side. Out side means a guy who has no family relation with anyone in Bollywood. And another question is If any outsiders become a successful actor than how many years he took to reach there. We have asked this question to so many actors about this. We saw while answering this question they had tears in their eyes. It shows how much time and pain he gave and felt to reach there.

Star Kid

Star Kid Story In Bollywood

How a Star Kid Become An Actor In Bollywood

In recent times we have seen to so many young actors in Bollywood. Oh sorry there is another name for them “STAR KID”. In a recent time a star kid said he got the movie first than he took the required training and learnt acting for that movie. Yes, that is true. That is OK if they are working in Bollywood but what happened to the Judges of Bollywood. They are awarding to these mediocre actors with best …… category awards. Some star launches their kids in Bollywood with big budget movies. Although they know about the potential and talent of their son or daughter. It is really heart breaking for those guys who work hard to get only one chance.

Common Man Kid

Story of Common Man Kid In Bollywood

How a Common Man Kids Become An Actor In Bollywood.

First of all he thinks about movies of Bollywood and he dreams. Then he shares his wish with his parents and suddenly parents scroll him PAGAL HO GAYA HAI KYA BADA AYA ACTOR BANNEWALA. Some of them stop dreaming after that but few of them keep thinking about this. One day he goes to the acting school to learn acting he learns acting dancing and everything which is required. Next he move to Mumbai gives audition and keep giving audition for somewhere around 6 to 8 nearly to get first job in acting weather it is in serial of movie. And this is called one day or two day job in Bollywood.

He does this for a long this few friend of him goes back to their him because their circumstance do not allow them to stay there. But he keeps trying and after 5 or 6 years he starts getting reorganization in Bollywood. After spending 7 to 8 years he becomes a known actor in this industry only know actor not a star. I could not write everything about the struggle of struggling actor but surely you can feel this. If you go to Mumbai anytime you can see in Andheri, Malad and nearby places where so many young boys and girls fights to make their dream come true.

Who Become Best Actor Star Kid Vs Common Man Kid In Bollywood

Talent is a private property of any one or you cannot buy it for much shop. But most of the time we have seen so many common man kids have become the best actors of Bollywood. Because they know the importance and they have felt that pain to become an actor.

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