Review Of Pink (2016) Movie of Sujit Sircar And Must Watch Performance Of Mr Bachchan

Pink Movie Review

With one word we can review Pink “wow”. Movie is just an awesome movie of this year the acting, direction, screenplay, editing all are fantastic. The movie is actually made with hard work and we say in Hindi “Khoon Paseena Laga Diya Bhai”. Pink movie actually teach us the meaning of important movie.

Story :

As we have already seen in the trailer of Pink the story runs in courtroom where Mr Amitabh Bachchan is defending a case for three girls against the most powerful boys who did the rape of these girls. Where they are girls are charged for soliciting the boys and boy charged for molestation. It is very difficult to understand Amitabh Bachchan character in the beginning. The movie picks up the speed and suspense from the initial moments of its beginning. Pink reveal the sunspace and what happened that night with these girls and what boys did. Some time movie looks repeating the same thing. But the movie is so interesting that will not allow you leave your seats at all . All the character and story are threaded so perfectly that holds the movie and the audience.


Taapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari, Andrea Tariagan, Angad,Piyush Mishra and Mr Amitabh Bachchan I have no words to say anything about him. The way he has made his character looks so weird he does not blink his eyes and makes his character so aggressive or else we can say “Khadoos”. Taapsee Pannu looks so real and as we have heard before as well that while shooting Pink she was not well and that illness made her performance so realistic. Piyush Mishra after watching Piyush Mishra it is very hard to believe that guy has played the character in Tamasha,Tere Bin Laden 2 and Happy Bhag Jayegi. One girl who must be recognized by whole Bollywood is Kriti Kulhari she made her character looks so real that we can say “Bhai Ye To Character Ko Ji Gayi” this we have to say her all the actor of this movie are so good that made Pink a must watch movie.

Direction and Production

Mr Aniruddha Roy Choudhary is the director; Rashmi Sharma and Sujit Sircar are the producers of Pink. Pink’s music is given by Shantanu Moitra. Ritesh Shah is the writer of story and screen play of Pink.

All in all we have to give at 4.5 stars to pink

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