Sharukh khan’s debut

Shahrukh khan debut

Shahrukh Khan Debut in 1988 in a Lakh Tondan TV serial Dil Dariyaa and started his career with this serial . In 1989 he started getting reorganization from the TV series called FAUJI. He played the main role of Abhimanyu who was the army cadet than he came in Circus and few more serials of Doordarshan. After watching him in those serials the wells know critic of Bollywood started appreciating him for his talent. He got first chance in Bollywood where Hema Malini gave in an opportunity to work in her film Dil Ashna Hai. Deewana was his debutant movie in which he worked with Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti. He got awarded Filmfare Best Male Debut Award. In 1992 he got so many movies as a lead role Chamatkaar, Dil Ashna Hai, Raju Bangaya Gentalman. Everybody says Shahrukh Khan has given a new style of acting to the Bollywood.

This is the story of Shahrukh Khan debut

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