Star Kids Upcoming Stars Of Bollywood

Star Kids Of Bollywood

The every star kids of Bollywood are stars already in itself.  The star kids are always a story for everyone in India. In recent time we have seen some kids working in Bollywood with big banners like Dharma Production and Yash Raj Production. It is very rare to see a star kid works in different sector weather it is talented or not. As star kids are already a personality therefore they become popular in the early age and we can see their popularity on social medias.  Here, is list of Bollywood star kid who are going to debut in Bollywood very soon. We have seen them walking on red carpet already.

Here is the list of star kids of Bollywood.

Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan is the son of Mr, Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan. As his father is one of the most reputed actors of Bollywood therefore he has to be bound for with Bollywood actor.

Aahan Shetty

With the surname Shetty it is very easy to understand this Kid belongs to Shetty family. Very soon Salman Khan is going to launch Suneil Shetty son Aahan Shetty in his upcoming movies.


He is the son of most disciplined actor of Bollywood. He is the son of Akshay Kumar . Although he has made his appearance in some Hollywood movies already. But he has not done any movie in Bollywood. Aarav is learning martial art as his father is expert in this art.

Nirvaan Khan

Well it not be a surprise to see any one from Khan family. Nirvaan Khan is the son of Sohail Khan he is very famous on social media especially on dub smash.

Sara Khan And Ibrahim Khan

These are the kids of Saif Ali Khan of his ex-wife Amrita Rao. There are so beautiful and handsome kids. It looks they both would be one of the best actors as they are influenced by their mother Amrita Rao.

Krishna Shroff

Krishna Shroff is the sister of Tiger shroff and daughter of Jackie Shroff. She is one of the most beautiful kids of stars. She has become the style icon for youth.

This is the list of Star kids of Bollywood

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