The Teaser Of Movie Anna Is Out Now Officially

Officially The Teaser Of Anna Is Out Now

The Teaser Of “Anna” Is Out Now! Watch The Biopic Of Anna Hazare

Now there is new trend in Bollywood making movies on the biopic of great personality.Following that today Raaj Bansal has released the official tease of movie “Anna”

“Anna” It seems we have heard this name before ? yes you are wright Anna Hazare the great social activist. Who brought together to the Indians in 2011. When all the Indians were following him. By the name of this it is understood this movie is made on the life story of Anna Baburao Hazare.

We all know very well Anna Hazare is social activist but there are some secrets of his life will be reveling in movie. How he became from hard working farmer to daring soldier and a social activist.

In this movie we are going to watch Shashank Udapurkar as  Anna Hazare. He has prepared his part so perfectly. He took the mannerism and style and he looks like him as well. Taneesha Mukharjee is also there in the movie and she is playing the character of a hard working true journalist.

Most of the scene of Anna are taken in the home town of Anna Hazare Ralegan Siddhiddhi. Shashank Udapurkar is the director of this movie as well. Rajender Jain has given the music to movie and produced by Mahinder Jain. This movie will be released on 14th October 2016.

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