The Trailer Of Raaz Reboot has launched

The Trailer Of Raaz Reboot has launched

Today we have the trailer launch of Bhatt camp movie Raaz Reboot in Bollywood. it is the sequel of Raaz

The director Vikram Bhatt directorial venture “Raaz Reboot” is out. Starring Gaurav Arora, Kriti Kharbanda, and Emraan Hashmi. It is a horror and triangle love story where Shayna(Kirti) and Rehan (Gaurav) go back to Romania where they fell in love with each other they live in a house.


In the house, Shayna feels there is some sprit but Rehan does not believe her than Emraan Hashmi who is the ex-lover of Shayna he comes into her life to helping her. The story begins from here and Emraan Tries to explain her, what her husband Rehan hides from her. As we have Raaz before again the director and producer have the expectation with this movie as well. As official has scheduled the releasing date for this movie on 16th September 2016.

Raaz Reboot is the fourth part of Raaz starring Bipasha Basu and Deno Morya. Three parts of this movie have performed really well on Box Office now we have to wait to see the performance of Raaz Reboot. Whether it turns out a hit or flop for Bhatt camp

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