Who Are The Top 7 Amazing Style Icon Of Bollywood

Amazing Style Icon Of Bollywood

In Bollywood, we have seen so many changes according to the time and we Indian are following them with their style and dressing. Now in the industry, we have so many divas who have become the style icon for the youth. We have seen to their fans following them with the dress and style. According to the recent surveys,  we have made a list of Bollywood divas whom people follows. Here is the list of top best 7 actress amazing style icon of Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut

She is the first one of the Bollywood divas who is the style icon in Bollywood.

Styling  Tips  : Be impressive everywhere. Wear anything what you like most

Deepika Padukone

She looks good on camera and off camera. She always sets a style of dressing.

Styline Tips From Deepika :Play with your body parts with time.

Anushka Sharma

She is one of them who is comfortable with everything. She always carry a style of comfort like resort style.

Styling tips :Be comfortable with everything.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is the actress who likes to wear party wear clothes always. It looks she is always ready for the party.

Styling Tips :  Keep shining  wear anything

Alia Bhatt

Alia is the trendsetter for the young generation. Young girls can learn from her how to dress a girl.

Styling Tips : Do not need to make up to look good just feel good.

Sonam Kapoor

Although she is not in the list of the nice actress of Bollywood but due to her sister she is able to dress herself.

Styling Tips: Feel good always because you are not wrong always

Katrina Kaif

She is one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Normally she wears body fit

Styling Tips: Work hard to wear best what you want



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