Wah Taj Review Starring Shreyas Talpade

Wah Taj Review Starring Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis.

Wah Taj is one of the movies which is released this week along with Parched and Banjo. This is a comedy movie basically. With the title of this movie it is understood this movie is related to Tajmahal. Wah Taj starring Shreyas Talpare and Manjari Fadnis. Ajit Sinha is the director of this movie Rajesh Sharma and Abhinav are the producers.

It is basically a story a farmer who claims the land of Taj Mahal. According to the farmer Tuka Ram Taj Mahal’s land is his great grandfather’s property.  He comes from to Agra from Maharastra to claim his property. But the authority of Tajmahal does not allow him to claim his property .he files a case in court and sit on hunger strike in front of Taj Mahal. The Government and the other departments promise him to give same size of land at any part of the country but he disagrees completely. During the court case Tuka Ram request to the court not to permit anyone to go in the Taj Mahal compound. Story and screenplay will make you laugh some time. It has an indirect massage for the audience.

It has tried to give a massage to the society. Wah Taj wants to aware to the audience about the situation of farmers and their problems.

Shreyas Talpade is coming on big screen after 4 years. Shreyah has done his part perfectly .The screen play and story is average. Acting is good the music is ok. Wah Taj is a worth money movie so you can go the theater to watch this movie. Vipin Patwa is the director of this movie. It is a nice movie to watch with family.

Movie gets the rating of 2.5 Star according to the critics. Wah Taj Review gets good marks from the audience and critic.

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